Small Business

Our firm is itself a small business. We understand the challenges that come from trying to compete, making the right strategic decisions, staying current on new industry developments, and trying to grow. We are proud to represent many area businesses, some of whom have been our clients for decades.

You know your business. We want to know your business, too. Let us help with the legal requirements of running your business such as choosing the correct corporate structure, relocations, mergers, growing or downsizing.

Our many legal services to businesses include:

      • Establishing a business and incorporating
      • Shareholder and partnership agreements
      • Joint Ventures
      • Purchase or sale of a business
      • Franchises
      • Business financing, including secured lending
      • Commercial leasing
      • Employment agreements
      • Liquor and other licence applications
      • Disputes between partners or shareholders

For most small business owners there is a close connection between their business and personal financial affairs. The business services above can be supplemented by wills & estate planning services to help your business make better decisions on both estate planning and business succession.

To speak with one of our small business lawyers at any time, please contact us.

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